Maxl- Basics Commands to alter Essbase—-

Here are some examples of Essbase Maxl Scripts. They were based off of the Sample.Basic and ASOsamp.Sample databases.
Load Data into the ASOsamp.Sample database. Those items in bold should be utilized in all maxl scripts.
To Login into Database
spool on to LoadData.Log;

login admin password on localhost;

set timestamp on;

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6 thoughts on “Maxl- Basics Commands to alter Essbase—-

  1. Wanted to see if there is an example of exporting the outline but only for certain dimensions. Is that possible?


    • Hi James,

      If you need just the outline hierarchies, I would recommend using the Essbase Excel add-in (or Smartview). Set the options to turn of navigating with no data and to drill to bottom level, put the dimension you want to export in the row dimension, and drill. You will now have all the members in hierarchical order. One issue is that the different levels are not placed in seperate columns, but all in one column with indents to indicate generations. If you want seperate columns, it is relatively easy to write an Excel formula which parses the number of open spaces and places each member in the right column.

      If you need a more detailed outline export, the best way is to make use of a third-party tool, freely available, called the Essbase Outline Extractor. For Download see URL.

      Let me know incase you have any questions.


    • Yes, Sorry for extremely delay in reply as i was not following up. Yes its possible to extract a particular dimension from epma as well as from ads file.


  2. Trying to automate the business rule created in EAS, i have changed the filetype to xml.
    calling it through maxl script and getting the following error in log file

    MAXL> execute calculation FDQM.plan1.opex.xml;

    ERROR – 1242021 – (1) Syntax error near [‘.’]. ”

    The script i am using to call is

    “spool on to ‘D:\\BRTEST.log’;
    LOGIN admin passwordXXX on;
    execute calculation FDQM.plan1.test.xml;
    spool off;


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