Hyperion Web Analysis vs Financial Reports

Financial Report and WebAnalysis were originally built for reporting against Essbase. I think that the features and controls are built to work better with a multidimensional database. Not to say that you couldn’t do some of the same things with Interactive Reporting, but there are features in FR and WA that provide superior support for MDD reporting. I would say the same thing about Production Reporting, too.

Here are the major differnces between the two —

**Hyperion Web Analysis is useful for reports having user drill downs. The end users will have the capability to drill down and select member from different Point of Views.

**Financial Reports can be used for regulatory reporting and reports in standard format.

**We use FR for Good formatted Reports, where as Web Analysis we use for adhoc Reporting Purpose. users can do slicing/dicing, Drill down/up in Web Analysis Reports, where as this feature is not available completely in FR

  Financial Reporting Web Analysis
Essbase Data Source YES YES
Printable, Formatted Reports YES NO
Adhoc Analysis NO YES
Dashboarding NO YES
Charting Yes, but not as good as the others YES

That’s it from my side. Do post if you have some more information.



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