Migrating ODI 11g to 12c

Migrating Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) from version 11g to 12c is not straight forward as exporting and importing it into a new repository.   An administrator needs to upgrade the 11g version of the repository to the 12c version so the new features can be incorporated into into the code.

Prerequisites For An ODI 11g to ODI 12C upgrade


A clone should be made of each original master and work repository on 11g.   The Upgrade Assistant does not support repositories distributed on different instances of ODI.

The ODI 12c version now uses unique IDs that follow the GUID convention. This avoids collision during the import of ODI objects and allows for simpler management and consolidation of multiple repositories within any given project.


Create a backup for each master and work repository (11g).  The backup will enable administrators to restore to the initial (pre-upgrade) state, if necessary.


Before the upgrade of schemas, make sure the database supports the newer version.  (Note: ODI 12c supports database versions R2 and above.)

Version Upgrade

Only repositories from versions of ODI and above can be upgraded to ODI 12c.  If the scenario is one where we have to upgrade ODI 10g to ODI 12C, we must first upgrade ODI 10g to ODI before performing the ODI 12c upgrade.

After successfully installing ODI 12c using the odi_121200.jar file, Opatch needs to be applied from the odi_1212_opatopatch.rar file available from the same folder downloaded from Oracle Technology Network (OTN).

  • Before running a Opatch, shut down all Oracle and ODI services.
  • Call the OPtach.bat file available in <Oracle_Home>\OPatch directory    “opatch napply <download_folder>\odi_1212_opatch”



  • Once Opatch is successful, call upgrade utility “ua.bat” from <Oracle_Home>\oracle_common\upgrade\bin folder.


Installing ODI 12C

Download the 12c ODI generic version from oracle downloads. I have downloaded 12.1.2 generic version which is the current version when this post is written.


Extract this zip file. we can see the main jar for installation and patches zip file to apply the patches. Extract the patch zip file. ODI 12c installation has 2 steps.

Install ODI 12c jar

2 Run the jar file in command prompt for installation. we need to run this jar with admin rights in windows (run as administrator option). Also ODI 12c is certified above 1.7.0_15 or above. Be sure to use latest JDK 1.7.

In windows, to run the command with admin rights, type cmd in run and use cntrl-shift-enter to launch it. select yes in the confirmation for running the commands with admin privilege in the cmd window.
type the command java -jar odi_121200.jar (make sure java executable is from jdk 7 latest version)

3 4Provide oracle home for the installation


5Select enterprise installation option. Complete the wizard to complete the installation.

6Upgrading ODI repository from 11g to 12c


Before upgrading the repository, please make sure of the following so that you dont lose your repository if there are any errrors during upgrade.
1. All affected data is backed up (middleware home, oracle home, master and work repository schemas and data)
2. Datbase version is certified to work with ODI 12c
3. Certification and system requirements are met.
To run the upgrade, Go to <Oracle_Home>/oracle_common/upgrade/bin directory and run the ua command.
7Select schemas to upgrade repository.
8Select ODI for schema for repository upgrade.
9Check the prerequiresites and check them to agree that you have completed them.
10Provide sysdba user and master repository schema details.
11Select all options for upgrading.
12Provide supervisor user details
13Please note down the upgrade key detail for future reference and work with support for any issues.14 Complete the wizard to complete the upgrade. It will take some time to do the upgrade and confirm the upgrade is successful.

Lets connect to the repository using the new 12c ODI client.

ODI client  odi.exe  or odi64.exe can be found in <Oracle_Home>/odi/studio. Lauch the exe for odi studio client.

Oracle has made the look and feel same for Jdeveloper 12c and ODI 12c client. It is evident that OFM is standardized across tools and infrastructure in 12c.

If asked for import earlier version configs, select yes to carry them to 12c client. You will asked to create wallet for storing passwords. Provide a password of your choice for wallet password. It will be prompted for this wallet password while connecting to repository.
Please feel free to add comments or to ask any questions

2 thoughts on “Migrating ODI 11g to 12c

  1. hi,
    in my machine ua.bat file was not started i am getting following error..

    C:\Windows\system32>cd C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home\oracle_common\upgrade\bi

    Oracle Fusion Middleware Upgrade Assistant
    Log file is located at: C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home\oracle_common\upgrade\l
    UPGAST-00251: An error occured reading Upgrade Descriptor file C:\Oracle\Middlew
    The file does not conform to the expected syntax.
    See the secondary message for additional information. Contact Oracle Support.
    UPGAST-00259: The getInitialValue method for plug-in ODI.ODI1 will not be called
    due to a previous error.
    The command failed to complete successfully


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