Bindows Error for Hyperion in IE11



I have been getting this error from long time and finally got the solution to fix the same.

Error Message in IE Broswer when you open Workspace http://localhost:19000/workspace/index.jsp

Bindows error



This is because Hyperion only supports up to IE9. However, there is a workaround that will allow you to use IE10 with Keep in mind that this workaround is unsupported by Oracle so use your best judgment.


1. On the server where Foundation Services is installed, locate “index.jsp” from the path below and take a back up of the file.


2. Edit “index.jsp” and locate the entry:
Replace IE=Edge with IE=9


3. Search “index.jsp” and remove entries related to “bpmlauncher.jsp” and “Trident”.


4. In the IE Tools menu, add the Workspace URL to the list of websites in “Compatibility View Settings”.


5. Restart Foundation Services and test if Workspace opens normally* within IE10.


*You will get annoying IE compatibility setting messages but there should be no loss of functionality with Workspace.





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