Unable To Launch SmartView From HPCM

When  SmartView is launched from HPCM (Stage balancing) , error: Connection to the serviceProvider is not possible, The server name is not connected  – is generated and no data is displayed in Smartview.

This issue happen due to HPCM server name and SV server name did not match

Smartview was using the fully qualified name:
The shared connection in SmartView is properly set with the FQDN : http:/servernameFQDN/workspace/SmartViewProviders.

and HPCM was using:
http://servername:13080/aps/SmartView/” app=/”EAOR/


To resolve –

1- launch “EPM System Configurator (all instances)”
2- check “Configure logical address for web applications” under “Hyperion Foundation”
3- check “Set the logical web address for all the web applications to” and enter the FQDN





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