Financial Reports Batch Scheduler – Bursting & Export to PDF

For those of you who use Financial Reporting in Oracle Hyperion 11.1.2.x, here’s a handy tip on how to configure Financial Reporting to enable Bursting and exporting PDFs to an external file:

When you first try to create a Batch, you might notice the drop-down for the Export to PDF / Export to an External Directory is blank. The values for this option are set using the FRConfig.cmd file on the Workspace server you login to. The FRConfig.cmd can be located in the \Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\products\financialreporting\bin folder.

1. Run the FRConfig.cmd (Financial Reporting Configuration) to open the Java Monitoring & Management Console Application

2. Select MBeans tab select com:hyperion\Financial Reporting\Attribute

3. Set the Value for ExportFolder

– syntax: FolderLabel1=FolderPath1,FolderLabel2=FolderPath2

– example: PDFBatch=\\LincolnB\PDF_Batch

4. Restart all services related to Financial Reporting

Now when you create your batch the Export to External Directory drop-down will show “PDFBatch” as an option.

It appears that it may be necessary to create a “share” on a folder if you want the external folder to be on a server other than the server where Financial Reporting is installed.

You can also use this to publish to a SharePoint server, but the services running as a User that has at write access to the library (ex: a user with Contributer rights).

With v11.1.2.1, it appears that when you specify members to “burst” you need to list them with detail members first and summary members at the end. Not sure why, but this looks like the only way to get all members to process without errors.



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