Smartview My Views and Question and Answers

Now a days there are number of questions that I didn’t have time to get to. Below you will find answers to most of them.
Q: Can the multi-grid be used to connect to an Essbase cube and an HFM cube?
A: Multi-grid only works with multiple Essbase connections—only Essbase and Essbase.

Q: Can we display Smart List items from Planning in a Smart View ad hoc query?
A: Yes, but it has to be a Planning ad hoc query and not an Essbase ad hoc query. Planning has it’s own connection you can make use of.

Q: Smart View has access to relational databases, how does this connection work?
A: It works through OBIEE.

Q: Can you create multiple grids from different databases?
A: Yes, as long as they’re Essbase databases.

Q: What version of Smart View are you using in the demo?
A: I was using Hyperion v11. (build 157). Version is more current. It would have all features in v11.1.2.3, and hopefully more stability.

Q: How do you get warnings and errors to show up on a worksheet when a user doesn’t have all the dimensions populated?
A: You can’t—if you leave a dimension off, instead of a warning message, Smart View it will just bring in a dimension for you at the top.

Q: I didn’t think you could mix variables with regular adhoc retrieval. Is this a new feature?
A: Yes, formula variable reference—HsGetVariable—is a new feature.

Q: Peers have commented that having Smart View and the Add-in active on the same computer causes problems. Is there a patch or other fix for this?
A: This is a known issue—conflicts with add-ins. Unfortunately, there isn’t a fix; you have to disable one add-in or another, or disable certain features, otherwise it conflicts.

Q: Can you provide a link to that VBA conversion utility?
A: Here you go:
Go to the bottom of the page—the VBA conversion utility is the last one.

Q: I used able to cascade more than one dimension at the same time in the classic Essbase add-in. Does the Smart View Cascade have the same feature?
A: Smart View only cascades on one dimension.

Q: In classic add-in, there is the option to display unknown members. This is useful when aliases change. Is there such an option within Smart View? And if so, what version? My experience has been that it populates with the data from the row above.
A: Same unknown members leave things out—e.g., dimension off. See question about warnings above.

Q: I’m not getting any of these features (I’m trying alongside). I’m on a current version of Smart View but working on version Will I get access to these features once we upgrade the application to
A: Yes, you will get these features on The features are dependent on the version of Smart View you are using, and some are specific to the Essbase version.

Q: Is there a different API so I can write Smart View code in VSTO?
A: Yes.



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