Where do you start learning Essbase ?

Is essbase for me to study? Is essbase hot in the market? Does essbase has future? I am from XYZ background, I want to learn Essbase, Is it for me? …..

I have been encountering these questions now and then. Essbase is an OLAP tool. I have seen many who hardly have understood OLAP as a concept (at least, the definition of it) but are working on Essbase.

I would fit a guy ideal to work on essbase as someone who has a technical computer science background, had worked on one of the relational databases (it might be oracle, SQL server, DB2 …or any), warehouse conceptual clarity, and the location of OLAP in the architecture of its design, who know the industry which he works, and understands the importance of conversion of data into information. Last but most important, who is willing to agree that Business and IT go hand-in-hand, and IT is the enabler.

These are few traits, if one already has, can enter into the world of essbase with ease. There are other aspirants, who don’t have technical, complementing background, and had never worked on any database but are impressed by the OLAP technology and willing to contribute to the world of it ,and they are interested to start with this tool. For few ,it might be an obligation ,as their job demands them to work on this tool. For them, who are about to start and stand at the cross roads, and confused with the multitude of ways available to start learning this tool .I have some information.

First, realize the objective of an OLAP and how big, the role, it plays in the Decision science of any company. Understand the importance of data warehouse, and why does one need OLAP and where does it fit in. Technically, what skills are required as a pre-requisite to learn essbase. Answer to these, concepts of any database, minimal programming understanding…if you are sure of them, kick off.

Finally, before I conclude I have a request to all, when they start reading the material of essbase of any OLAP tool for that matter you need to imagine two important things
1. Imagine how exactly the essbase technically works Ex: When some one loads data into a cube, he has to imagine as a yellow content filled in that cubes Ex2: If FIX statement is written in a script, then he needs to imagine a cube , with only the fixed content is taking part in the operation or transaction
2. Try to co-relate every technical change with the requirement of the user. Always imagine a user sitting in front of your report made by your OLAP logic trying to make a sense and decision based on it. This decision made based on your report will eventually change the face of his company.

Any Questions , Please email me.



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