Hyperion Planning – “Fetching Data …” error

Is there a way to increase the default amount of data retrieved when the form is opened, so that users don’t run into this issue ” Fetching Data….” when they scroll down on a form?

1.In EPM Workspace open Administration -> Application -> Properties -> Application Properties
2.Click add and in new row enter a new application parameter GRID_PARTIAL_FETCH_SIZE
3.Value should be in format ‘row size, column size’ (e.g. 25,20 means forms when opened will load by default 25 rows and 20 columns). If the property is not defined, the default value is 25 rows and 17 columns. If a user navigates beyond this data-set, message ‘Fetching data’ appears and next data set is retrieved.
4.After adding the property, re-start of Planning server is required
5.This change needs to be made for every application.
6.Since this is an application property, this affects all users and the property value needs to be chosen carefully. Increasing it to a very high value can have an impact on performance on the client side, because this would increase client DOM size.



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