DRM – Database Requirement

If you are deploying a reasonably large environment for Data Relationship Management or Data Relationship Governance, I recommend following industry best practices for your database server:

  • Provision as much RAM as possible.
  • Locate the servers close together with a low-latency high-bandwidth network.
  • Place the temp database, index files, and data files on separate storage partitions.
  • If possible you can even split tables onto separate partitions; the transaction history and global/local property value tables are good candidates.
  • Use high-bandwidth storage (such as fiber-channel) as many in parallel as you can
  • Use Solid State disks
  • If you haven’t guessed, the them is to spread the disk load onto as many separate SSDs as you can, then to pair the SSDs into stripes behind high-bandwidth link.


  • You might be surprised at how much this can affect your database performance for all applications, not just DRM.



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