Failed To Connect To HFM Application When Using Financial Reporting Studio

In Financial Reporting Studio, users are trying to run reports that use a HFM datasource are getting an error.

“Error connecting to database connection [name]: Server/Cluster is incorrectly configured. Please reconfigure your Cluster or Server connection.”

to fix this-

Set up the HFM cluster on the FR Studio machine.
1. Go to Start > All Programs > Hyperion >Financial Management >Server and Web Configuration

2. Go to the Server/Cluster Registration tab.

3. Enter the computer name of the HFM server used to get cluster information or the name of the single server if using a non-clustered environment. The HFM server needs to be referenced exactly as it is on the HFM server (hostname/IP/FQDN/clustername, as well as case-sensitivity for any letters).

4. Apply and OK.

5. Restart FR Studio.



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