HPCM Calculation Performance Issues

When Running HPCM generated calculations on an Essbase Application used by HPCM runs for hours.

Cause –

CALC PARALLEL 20 was used in the Essbase.cfg file.

CALC PARALLEL is a cfg parameter designed to break an Essbase script in multiple sub-scripts that will run in parralel on the essbase database and in theory reduce the overall calculation time.

This is only true for a script that can be broken into parallel sub-scripts, but the HPCM generated calc scripts are serial scripts NOT designed to work in parallel. This is why when this parameter is used instead of improving the performance it is actually degrading it.

To fix –

CALC PARALLEL is not supported with Essbase application used by HPCM as HPCM calculates in Serial. The settings causes drastic performance degradation.

Just remove this parameter from the Essbase.cfg file and restart essbase.



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