HPCM error – When Generating Calc Scripts, Essbase Times Out

Just came across the error today and thought of sharing with you guys-

After submitting the calculation (clear, generate, calculate), the system sometimes fails during script generation.

In the log file the error message:

“Cannot connect to Essbase Server. Login fails due to invalid credentials“. The only way how to solve it is restarting HPCM service and submitting the calculation again.

In the Essbase log:

[2014-04-03T10:01:23.290+02:00] [ESSBASE0] [ERROR:32] [AGENT-1021] [] [ecid: 1396380718908,0] [tid: 1296] You have been logged out due to inactivity or explicitly by the administrator.
[2014-04-03T10:01:23.290+02:00] [ESSBASE0] [WARNING:1] [AGENT-1003] [] [ecid: 1396380718908,0] [tid: 1296] Error -1 processing request [List Databases] – disconnecting
[2014-04-03T10:01:23.290+02:00] [ESSBASE0] [NOTIFICATION:16] [TCP-59] [] [ecid: 1396380718908,0] [tid: 1304] Connected from [::ffff:]
[2014-04-03T10:01:23.305+02:00] [ESSBASE0] [NOTIFICATION:16] [AGENT-1164] [] [ecid: 1396380718908,0] [tid: 1304] Received login request from [::ffff:]
[2014-04-03T10:01:23.352+02:00] [ESSBASE0] [ERROR:32] [AGENT-1293] [] [ecid: 1396380718908,0] [tid: 1304] Login fails due to invalid login credentials
[2014-04-03T10:01:23.352+02:00] [ESSBASE0] [WARNING:1] [AGENT-1003] [] [ecid: 1396380718908,0] [tid: 1304] Error 1051293 processing request [LoginEx] – disconnecting

Solution to fix

1. Login to EAS console

2. Right Click on the EssbaseCluster-1 and select _> Edit-> properties and there you will see a section for AUTO LOGOFF

3. It is set to 60 by default, amend this to 0 I believe so it does not logoff when you running your calculations.

Here is what the official doc states: AUTO LOG OFF:

Use the following options to specify if and when users should be automatically logged off Essbase Server.

– Inactive limit (minutes): Specify the number of minutes of user inactivity permitted before Essbase automatically disconnects the user.

– Default: 60 minutes Minimum: 5 minutes Maximum: 0 (specifies no limit)

When automatic logoff is disabled, users can stay connected until the server is shut down.

– Check every (minutes): Specify how often Essbase checks for user inactivity and how often Essbase compares the security backup file to the security file, in minutes.

– Default: 5 minutes Minimum: 1 minute Maximum: 0 (specifies no limit)


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