Auditing in Hyperion Essbase

Below are some of the auditing options that exist with Oracle Essbase.

1. SSAUDIT and SSAUDITR enable spreadsheet update logging.
The two settings are identical in function except that SSAUDITR automatically clears update logs after archiving, and SSAUDIT appends logs after archiving.
The ENDARCHIVE ESSCMD command signals SSAUDITR to clear the log.

2. OUTLINECHANGELOG logs all outline changes into the file database_name.olg.
OUTLINECHANGELOG allows database administrators to review the outline revision history and gather enough information to roll back changes if needed.
Each Essbase database contains a separate outline change log file in the same location as the database.
The file is stored in the database directory on the server.

3. Hyperion Essbase 6.5.1 introduced Query Logging.
This provides a way for Essbase administrators to track query patterns of an Essbase database.
The query log file tracks all queries performed against the database regardless of whether the query originated from Spreadsheet Add-in or Report Writer.
4. Transaction Logs:

Also you have the option to monitor data changes using triggers:



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