Essbase Applications are Hanging or Crashing (Ver

Essbase applications are hanging/crashing which then hangs the Essbase Agent. No users can login when this occurs. At times a partial xcp is generated.
This issue may be due to a low java heap size and/or the application became hung up on the generation of the xcp.

In certain cases, making the following changes has resolved the application crashes and Essbase Agent hangs.

1. Increase the ESS_JVM_OPTION setting for heap size to 2048. This can be done in the $MIDDLEWARE_HOME/user_projects/epmsystem1/config/OPMN/opmn/opmn.xml file. Locate the following line and increase the -Xmx setting:


<variable id=”ESS_JVM_OPTION1″ value=”-Xmx256M”/>

<variable id=”ESS_JVM_OPTION1″ value=”-Xmx2048M”/>
2. Turn off the the generation of an xcp and create a core dump instead. Add the following two lines to the $MIDDLEWARE_HOME/user_projects/epmsystem1/EssbaseServer/essbaseserver1/bin/essbase.cfg file:

3. Restart Essbase for the settings to take effect.

let me know in case of any questions.



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