Essbase – Kill the Essbase Processes/Sessions in ‘Terminating’ Status

Run the following two MaxL commands to end the sessions:
                               alter system logout session all force;
                              alter system kill request all;
If the above two MaxL commands do not end the session, the only way to get rid of them is to stop/start Essbase.

Use the following MaxL commands to shutdown Essbase:

                            alter system unload application all;
                           alter system shutdown;
These commands will cleanly unload applications currently in memory. If there is a hung process on one of the applications, Essbase will not shutdown and you will need to kill the hung ESSSVR process. See Document 583519.1 for information in killing ESSSVR processes.

If these sessions are not causing an issue, they should be cleared on the next scheduled recycle of Essbase.


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