Essbase – Move BSO Data to a New Location

To move the location where the Essbase data is stored:

1. From the Essbase Administration Services Console EAS), connect to Essbase.
2. Expand to the database you want to change.
3. Right-click and Edit->Properties. On the ‘Storage’ tab, set the location for the .pag and .ind files to span to.
4. Stop and start the application for the new drive locations to be set.
5. Force a dense restructure using one of the following methods:

Right-click on the database and select ‘Restructure’
On a member that has data from a dense dimension by changing a member name, or moving or adding a new dense dimension member to the outline.
Export data, clear data and reload exported data.
This forces the .pag and .ind files to be moved to a new drive.



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