Essbase – What Does the Dynamic Calculator Cache Do (DYNCALCCACHEMAXSIZE )

Hyperion Essbase uses a separate Dynamic Calculator Cache for each open database. The single DYNCALCCACHEMAXSIZE setting in the configuration file, ESSBASE.CFG, specifies the maximum size for each dynamic calculator cache on the server. By default, the maximum size is 20MB. Hyperion Essbase allocates area in a dynamic calculator cache for data blocks, as needed, until it has allocated the maximum memory area specified by this setting.

Hyperion Essbase writes two messages to the application event log for each data retrieval. As shown in the example, the first message describes the total amount of time required for the retrieval.

Spreadsheet Extractor Elapsed Time : [0] seconds

Spreadsheet Extractor Big Block Allocs — Dyn.Calc.Cache : [3] non-Dyn.Calc.Cache : [0]
If a dynamic calculator cache is used, a second message displays the number of blocks calculated within the data calculator cache (Dyn.Calc.Cache: (n)) and the number of blocks calculated in memory outside dynamic calculator cache (non-Dyn.Calc.Cache: (n)).

To determine if the dynamic calculator cache is being used effectively, review both of these messages and consider what your settings are in the ESSBASE.CFG file. For example, if the message indicates that blocks were calculated outside as well as in a dynamic calculator cache, you may need to increase the DYNCALCCACHEMAXSIZE setting. If the specified maximum size is all that you can afford for all dynamic calculator caches on the server and if using regular memory to complete dynamically calculated retrievals results in unacceptable delays (for example, because of swapping or paging activity), set DYNCALCCACHEWAITFORBLK to TRUE.



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