EPM Workspace Error “The startup document specified does not exist in the repository” When New Users Logon

New users logging on to EPM Workspce see the following error message:

The startup document specified does not exist in the repository.

Once these users set their startup options to point to an existing document, the error message does not appear anymore on subsequent log-in actions.

This issue is due to the fact that Group-based preferences only work when the group is initially created. This means that users initially belonging to the group will properly inherit from the correct user preferences (if any is being defined at the group level), nevertheless, users which are being added later do not pick up the group’s preferences. Therefore, the error message appears because the default startup document is undefined.

1. Log-in to Workspace with the user experiencing the issue,
2. Navigate to “File” -> “Preferences”,
3. Under the “Default Startup Options” section, in the “Content” list, select “Document”Press the “Select” button, and browse to a document of your choice,
4. Press the “OK” button,
5. Press the “OK” button,
6. Log out from Workspace,
7. Log back in Workspace.

let me know in case of any more queries


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