How to Disable “Install Smart View” Option In EPM Workspace

How to disable the wEPM Workspace menu button “Install”?

The install option in workspace can be disable using the CMC utility with system 11.1.X

To Launch CMC;

1.Start–>Programs–>Oracle EPM System–>Utilities and Administration–>Start Workspace Agent UI
2. Launch a browser and connect to the CMC URL–>htt://servername:55000/cmc
3. Logon with using the admin user
4. Select current view–>Web-Application Configuration
5. Right click on “Workspace Web-Application–>select properties
6. In the new window select the “User Interface” tab
7. Under the option Configuration–> select Enable Installer Menu Items in Workspace–>click on the “yes” and you will be able to choose NO.
8. Save it.
9. Restart Workspace Agent and reconnect to Workspace, the install menu will no longer display in workspace under Tools.

let me know in case of any more queries


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