Data Export From FDMEE To HFM Hangs and Never Completes


Data Export from FDMEE to HFM hangs, with a timeout error after a few minutes: A connection to the server has failed. (status=503), even though there is no issue accessing the HFM application via Workspace.

1. In Process Details, the job stays on the timer icon and never changes. After 5-10 mins, a timeout error “A connection to the server has failed. (status=503)” is returned. Even after leaving 2-3 hours, it never completes.

With debug option set to 5, when clicking on show Log in Process Details , the last action which is recorded within seconds of the start of the export is:

2013-07-31 13:08:16,750 DEBUG [AIF]: HFM Load command:
%EPM_ORACLE_HOME%/products/FinancialDataQuality/bin/HFM_LOAD.vbs “133” “+Rgrz%2Fu506JtoCFjpuMkLm5X0V614WUiWjH5QYbzTJdC0fQ4Mq9CAyc5jjgXwWmnSSyaUDMqPspXis9imet8ar8wyUsAo%2FzKSfO5XSuFsMhujldu0JdoZQJScjeGMfGcO08NdnUpeA8cxs9rzyGksyk5cYlIzedZfaexuNNwYqTiOJgPhIgbIMSsXUJumy8V5QllwlJKkTiU3l%2FvsRqXzTsA4ZYHjG8HmdUQJH3gVOMZR5y1pe6DN44fyKCnM9NwgR8LdeeFG4PeBq6fXQZevP4bDyx0xbRu%2Bgtp66oxBRa%2FkDOaYRbL%2BqsL9jpU4Mngbe%2FtG0JIsUcVRJhtj%2BLhVmX0VFj5Xrdl2sv40%2Bi5xrQUB0VEjI7GQVQ8cCApSko4VpMeKFW4UMcGH6Tt4WMJgKegurkaR8VKn6x1TtHo7DzU%3D%0D” “F%3A%5Capps%5COracle%5CMiddleware%5Cuser_projects%5Cepmsystem1” “%25EPM_ORACLE_HOME%25%2F..%2Fjdk160_35”

2. In ODI studio, there is no progress either . The lightning bolt remains on HFM Load Data – Procedure – HFM Load Data – and there is no error seen in ODI when double-clicking on those procedures.
3. HFM application is not started by launching the export, as there is no hsvdatasource process in Task Manager.

to fix-

On Windows server, the default host script is wscript. This needs to be switched to cscript, as the FDMEE code is issuing a cscript command from ODI to launch the HFM_LOAD.vbs script.

Additionally, short session timeout setting on OHS server may contribute to this issue.

1. Open a command prompt window as Administrator.
2. Run the following command:
cscript //H:cscript
3. This changes the default host script to cscript, and allows the HFM_LOAD.vbs to be executed.

When using Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) as the web server the default timeout is set at 5 minutes. In order to increase the timeout the following must be performed:

1. In the C:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\epmsystem1\httpConfig\ohs\config\OHS\ohs_component directory you will find a mod_wl_ohs.conf file. In this file you will find:
WLForwardUriUnparsed ON
KeepAliveEnabled ON
KeepAliveSecs 20
DynamicServerList OFF
2. Add the following two lines just after the KeepAliveSecs 20 line (1800 seconds is 30 minutes)
WLIOTimeoutSecs 1800
HungServerRecoverSecs 1800
3. Save the file and restart the OHS Service and ERPi Web Service.


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