FDM Error “-2147024894 Error At Line: 45” When Attempting to Integrate with Financial Management

When attempting to integrate Financial Data Quality Management (FDM) with Hyperion Financial Management (HFM), by browsing for a target value in the mapping table or attempting to export to HFM, the process returns the following error message:

-2147024894 Error At Line: 45

The error references line 45 of the connect action in the FM11x-G5-C adapter:
Set objHW = CreateObject(“fdmFM11xG5C.clsFMAdapter”)

The following solution may also be applied when you see these error messages:

53 – file not found

and in Windows event log:

Root element is missing.

To resolve this issue try the following solution:

1. Copy the “Adapter Components” folder contained in the FM11xG5-c.zip file to the Hyperion\Products\FinancialDataQuality\SharedComponents directory. The file can be downloaded from Software Delivery Cloud.
2. Using the workbench client login to the FDM application as an administrator
3. Choose File > Register Adapter
4. Select the Adapter Components Folder and open the upsFM11xG5C folder and choose the upsFM11xG5C.dll file and choose “open”
5. Expand Target System Adapters and right-click on the FM11xG5C adapter and choose “Configure”
6. Enter the FDM Service Account userid/password/domain values and confirm the password and click OK to save the change.

Note – the above issue i face and fix is for 11.1.1. FDM



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