In HFM Load File For Data Value FM11X-G6-A Adapter Writes “[Missing_Value]” In HFM Load File For Data Value

The FM11x-G6-A adapter does not place “<Entity Currency>” as a default for locations that do not have a input in the data value field of the location.

Each FDM location needs to have the “Data Value” field populated with a value such as “<Entity Currency>” or “<Entity Cur Adjs>” in order to populate the .dat file with the Value dimension that will be loaded for the data.

In this example standard GL data is loaded as <Entity Currency> and Journal Data is loaded as <Entity Cur Adjs.>

Here are the steps on how to set the data value for the affected location.

1. login to FDM web
2. go to Metadata-> Locations
3. select the affected location
4. click ‘Browse for target value…’ link next to the ‘Data Value’ field
5. select the correct value (e.g. <Entity Currency>)
6. save the changes
7. export the data to HFM
let me know in case of any more queries



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