HFM Application When Using Financial Reporting Studio : “Error connecting to database connection : Server/Cluster is incorrectly configured.”

This is due to Financial Reporting Studio is not able to locate the HFM cluster.Testing also determined that the HFM client could not connect to the HFM cluster.
The HFM cluster was not correctly configured.

To fix this- Set up the HFM cluster on the FR Studio machine.
1. Go to Start > All Programs > Hyperion >Financial Management >Server and Web Configuration

2. Go to the Server/Cluster Registration tab.

3. Enter the computer name of the HFM server used to get cluster information or the name of the single server if using a non-clustered environment. The HFM server needs to be referenced exactly as it is on the HFM server (hostname/IP/FQDN/clustername, as well as case-sensitivity for any letters).

4. Apply and OK.

5. Restart FR Studio.
Note: if HFM client is not on the FR Studio box, it will need to be installed prior to set up of the HFM cluster as listed above.



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