How To Load Data Into a Flat File Using ODI

Before working with flat files you need to have in mind the 2 following restrictions :

1. A file can be used as Source or Target but not as Staging Area. This means that, when loading data into a file, you must first check the Staging Area different from target checkbox on the Definition tab of your Integration Interface. Then, you must select a schema for this option (the same schema as your Source Dataserver may be used).
2. A files must be “visible” to the Agent. This means to say that the Agent must be able to directly access the file system (local or mounted network disk partition) on which the file resides.

Choice of Knowledge Modules :

1. The choice of LKM will depend on the choice of Staging Area. If the Staging Area Schema is on the same schema as the Source then no LKM is required.
2. IKM will go from Staging Area to File – you can choose IKM SQL to File Append



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