How Can We Delete Dimensions In Planning Once The Application Has Been Deployed From EPMA?

There is no way to remove dimensions from a deployed Planning application. There is no facility to delete a dimension within the Planning interface, a long-standing limitation that has been the case since long before EPMA was introduced as an alternative means of managing application outlines.

This limitation means that there is no way for EPMA to tell Planning to delete a dimension which has already been deployed.

The best option would be to restore the Planning application relational database from a backup taken before the unwanted dimension was created.

If no backup is available you can deploy a duplicate of your application as it currently exists in EPMA, and use the duplicate instead of the original application.

  1. Right-click on the application in the Application Library and duplicate it
  2. Deploy the new application using a new data source that points to a new, empty, relational database.
  3. Planning objects such as data forms and task lists can be moved from the old application to the new using either Lifecycle Management (LCM) or the FormDefUtil command line utility. Bear in mind that if you have web forms defined that reference dimensions that do not exist in the new application you will have to modify them to get them to work.
  4. Business Rules and Calc Scripts that were available in the old application need to be made available in the duplicate application too.

An enhancement request has been already logged  with Oracle to address this limitation in a future version. Hope to see some fixes.



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