Data Export From FDMEE to Excel Returns Blank Spreadsheet

Please note the below solution is applicable for version

When attempting to export data in the data load workbench to Excel within FDMEE the Excel is returned with a message saying the extension doesn’t match the file type and then then excel file was blank, except header.

This issue is caused by a software defect and it has been logged as bugs 18665000 and 18638754. ADF version that is installed with the EPM Patch is not exporting the data to Excel correctly.

•Directly query the FDMEE Database table TDATASEG by LOADID. This is only available if direct access to the DB is available and should only be done by the DBA or FDMEE Admin.
•Run the Base Trial Balance Report in FDMEE to view the GL Data.

Patch 19586149 on My Oracle Support fixes this issue. To apply, please follow these steps:

1. copy to c:\Oracle\Middleware\oracle_common\OPatch

2. CD c:\Oracle\Middleware\oracle_common\OPatch

3. unzip

4. opatch apply c:\Oracle\Middleware\oracle_common\OPatch\19586149\oui -oh C:\Oracle\Middleware\oracle_common -jdk c:\Oracle\Middleware\jdk160_35



One thought on “Data Export From FDMEE to Excel Returns Blank Spreadsheet

  1. Nice tutorial. The FDMEE tutorial was help ful for me. Keep Sharing Tutorials.


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