Essbase Server (Agent) Hangs on Unix Systems

The Essbase server (agent) periodically hangs requiring a restart of Essbase. All users, including the Essbase admin user, are unable to connect from any client tool, MaxL, ESSCMD, Excel Add-in, etc.

This is due to Port conflict with other applications/utilities. By default, Essbase uses Ports 32768-33767 to start each application.

To confirm a port conflict on the server, on the next occurrence of a hang of the Essbase agent, do the following:
1. Unload the Essbase agent (use kill -15 to kill all ESSSVR processes, then the ESSBASE process. If the -15 does not work, you will need to use kill -9)
2. Run command:
netstat -na > netstat.txt
3. Edit the netstat.txt file and look to see if there are ports ESTABLISHED or LISTENING in the 32768 through 33768 range. These are the default ports used by Essbase to run each Essbase application.
4. If any port in this range is ESTABLISHED or LISTENING:
Essbase v9.3.x/v11.1.1.x
Add the following 2 lines to the Essbase.cfg file, confirming the ports you assign are not used by another utility/application:
Essbase v11.1.2.x
If using OPMN to start Essbase, re-run the configuration tool to set the Port Range for Start Port and End Port. The configuration tool will update the ports in the opmn.xml and essbase.cfg files.
5.Start Essbase.


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