Hyperion Planning Error “The entered member formula is invalid. Click the Details button for details” When Validating a Member Formula

You can validate a member formula in Essbase and the same is not validating in Planning.

The entered member formula is invalid. Click the Details button for details.
Error compiling formula for [ ] (line 1): unknown member name [“A2”] in function [operator @X]

If you will try to refresh outline, you will get the below error:

com.hyperion.planning.olap.HspVerifyOutlineException: Verify Outline failed with the following errors:
Error [1200497] detected in member formula for member “E1000”.

This is due to The member which is throwing error and is used in the formula is not created for all plan types. For example, if below is the member formula for Entity member E1000, Member E1000 is enabled for Plan type 1,2,3 where as account member A2 is just enabled for Plan type 1. Here if you validate this formula in Essbase for Plan type 1, it will validate, where as in Planning it will give an error.

E1000= A2->E1000;

The following 2 workarounds can be used to resolve the problem

I. Enable the member for all Plan Types in Planning
1.Log into Hyperion Planning,
2.Search for the member which is giving error in the logs,
3.Select the member, edit it,
4.Enable it for the other plan types ( In our Ex. If E1000 is for Plan Type 1,2 and 3; enable A2 for the same Plan Types),
5.Save the Changes,
6.Go to Administration->Dimension,
7.Refresh the Database,
8.Try Validating the formula again.

II. Write a Business Rule instead of a member formula. In this example create a BR and associate it with Plan Type 1.



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