Move a Relational Database for Hyperion Products from one Server to Another Server

How to move a Relational Database (SQL or Oracle) used by Hyperion Products, from one Server to another Server?

1. Export the tables to the new schema/rdbms.
2. Add the old user id/password to the new schema/rdbms.
3. Launch the configuration utility, choose the product you wish to move the RDBMS for, i.e. Shared Services or Essbase Administration Services, and then select the option to Configure Database. Enter the new server name, choose the ‘REUSE EXISTING DATABASE’, and then be sure to use the same user id and password that was used for the old db schema/rdbms.

* Migrate each rdbms at a time and test after each.
* You only have to reconfigure the db for that product. You DO NOT have to re-register the products back to Shared Services.
NOTE: If you are using Oracle RDBMS, make sure that the Oracle Database user IDs have the following roles and privileges:

Note: The Resource role should be granted as Default.
For example, ALTER USER oracle_schema_user DEFAULT ROLE “RESOURCE”.

Source: Oracle EPM Installation Start Here, Page 48



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