How to Migrate Business Rules to an Another Environment Using EAS Console Import Export Option

When the rules are exported using EAS, it exports the BRs in a xml file, this xml files contains all the business rules, security (if you are not exporting for Calc Manager), locations etc. Now to migrate the BRs from say Production to Development environment, the location of the BRs the .xml file needs to be updated.

When exported from the Production environment the.xml will have the BR location of Production and to migrate the rules to Development, the location for development environment is needed.

1. Log into EAS console of Source Environment using an admin id,
2. Right Click on Business Rules Node,
3. Click on Export,
4. In the right hand pane you will get all the BRs listed, Click on Select All,
5. Uncheck For Calc Manager,
6. Click on Dependents,
7. Export the rules,
8. This will ask to save the BRs in a XML format save the .xml file,
9. Save As the .xml file with a different name,
10. Edit the .xml file and replace all the Old locations of BRs with the new one, the location is case sensitive and there will be two location we need to replace small case with the small one and Upper case with the Upper one, Ex: A part of exported .xml
Source .xml:
<property class=”int” method=”setLocID” value=”41″/>
<property class=”int” method=”setLocationID” value=”41″/>
<property class=”java.lang.String” method=”setLocation” value=”ProdClusterEPPLAN”/>
<property class=”java.lang.String” method=”setUpperLocation” value=”PRODCLUSTEREPPLAN”/>
<property class=”int” method=”setCluster” value=”-1″/>
If example Destination Location is: “Planning/WDBSSAPEPMR03/EPPLAN/EPPLAN” then in the source file replace all:
11. Save the file.
12. Log in to the destination EAS console.
13. Right click on Business Rule node.
14. Import the BRs using the modified .xml file. If you are unsure of the destination location, Create a Test Rule in the destination environment assign security, export the rule, look at the xml to find the exact location name.



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