Hyperion PBCS: Error 28 When Importing Metadata Using a .csv File

The following error message is displayed when attempting to update metadata using a .csv file in Planning and Budgeting Cloud Serivce (PBCS):

Error 28
Trace information: com.hyperion.planning.utils.HspOutlineLoad::parseAndLoadInputFile:1907, com.hyperion.planning.utils.HspOutlineLoad::halAdapterInfoAndLoad:341, com.hyperion.planning.utils.HspOutlineLoad::loadAndPrintStatus:5476, com.hyperion.planning.utils.HspOutlineLoad::outlineLoadAsyncImpl:4453, com.hyperion.planning.utils.HspOutlineLoad::access$000:59, com.hyperion.planning.utils.HspOutlineLoad$1::call:4335, com.hyperion.planning.utils.HspOutlineLoad$1::call:4332


Issue happens if both the ASO and BSO Plan Types in the application have the same name. When both the ASO and BSO Plan Types have same name, metadata import fails to determine the cube/plan type to which the members should be loaded.


Recreate the application with unique names for both ASO and BSO Plan Types.



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