Jython Script Limitation in FDMEE

When Jython script reaches the limit, the following error occurs.

arrAccnt = (‘xxx’,’xxx’)
ICP = fdmRow.getString(‘ICP’)     ENTITYX =
fdmRow.getString(‘ENTITYX’)    if
fdmRow.getString(‘ACCOUNTX’) in arrAccnt:


As a workaaround the below steps might be helpful.

1) Split the code into 2 mappings.
2) Combine multiple if clauses
e.g.:elif ICP[-6:] == ‘xxx’ or ICP[-6:] == ‘xxx’: fdmResult = ‘xxx_N’
3) Change logic:
if ICP[-6:] == ‘xxx’ or ICP[-6:] == ‘xxx’: fdmResult = ICP[-6:]
4) Explore other mapping types e.g. SQL based scripts, format mask etc.



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