EPM Releases 9.2.x, 9.3.x, 11.1.1.x and Availability for Download Has Been Changed

Please be advised that EPM System releases 9.2.x, 9.3.x, 11.1.1.x have been removed from Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.  In addition, EPM System downloads for releases 9.3.3, 11.1.1.x and have been removed from Oracle Technology Network.

Does this affect Lifetime Support?

No, Lifetime Support is unaffected by this administrative action.  As always, you can visit Oracle Lifetime Support for specific details for your release.

What if I need to one or more component(s) of one of these releases for my deployment?

If you are an existing customer deployed on one of these releases and you need one or more components which have been removed, you can request them through My Oracle Support.  Please see MOS Note  “Requesting Physical Shipment or Download URL for Software Media [ID 1071023.1]” for details regarding how to make the request.

Has the product documentation for these releases been removed too?

Product documentation for these releases is still available on the Enterprise Performance Management System Documentation Library.

What if I am installing a new deployment?

New deployments should use the most current release available on Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.



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