Using Build Function Within FDM Import Format Returns Error “File Does Not Exist or Access Denied”

When attempting to view a file within the “Build” function in the metadata > import format screen, receive an error.

The error message states:

Error: File does not exist or access denied

The FDM application path is specified as a UNC path \\servername\sharename\FinRep\FinRep\Inbox

This occurs When a new FDM application is created the process creates a sub directory within the specified application path value with the application name and then creates the inbox,outbox,reports,data folders. When the application was initally created the application path was specified as \\servername\share\finrep , this caused a double-nested folder structure which causes issues with the “Select File from Inbox” and “Build” functions in the application.

a) Open Windows Explorer and browse to the lower level FinRep folder.
b) Rename the folder to FinRep1 and cut\past into the shared folder
c) Delete the FinRep Folder
d) Rename FinRep1 back to FinRep so the path is \\servername\share\FinRep\
e) Launch FDM via the web or workbench and choose <Add Application> and login
f) Highlight the FinRep app and choose “Modify”
g) Update the application path to \\servername\sharename\finrep and click OK to save the change


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