Delete Business Rules Created In Calculation Manager

We want to remove the rules from the Planning web when they have already been deleted from the Calc Manager.

The Business Rules are stored in both the Calculation  Manager relational database and within the Planning application relational database once they are deployed. If you delete the rule within Calculation  Manager, it will not be removed from the Planning application until you deploy the rules again.

To do this follow the steps below for EPMA application:

1. In Calculation  Manager delete the rule(s) you want to remove.
2. In the EPMA Application Library right-click on the Planning application and choose Deploy > Rules
3. After deployment completes the rules will be removed from the Planning application.

For the Classic Planning applications do the following:
1. Login to Workspace and go to Calculation Manager, go to view > deployment view
2. Expand the Planning > application > un deployed > Database and uncheck all the rules.
3.  Right click on the application and click on DEPLOY, this will wipe out  all the rules form Planning web. To confirm that they are removed go to Planning application and select Tools > Business  Rules, you will not see any rules under the database.
4. Go to Calculation  Manager deployment view, select all the rules you would like and deploy them.


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