How can a physical partial clear be performed in ASO cube in PBCS?

Firstly MAXL is NOT an option in PBCS.

Following steps can be taken to clear the Physical Data.

Login to the Calculation Manager and

Expand the Planning application

Then select

Actions-> Database Properties ->


Expand the planning application > Right Click the DB -> Clear -> (All Data, Upper Level Blocks , Non input blocks , Dynamic Blocks and Empty Blocks  ).

This lets you type an MDX command and on completion, a message of successful clear is returned along with the number of cells cleared.

If run the same command again , get the double the number of cells cleared than last time. So it seems to be doing a logical clear and adding offset cells every time a partial clear is performed.

Per Development team, options are now available for Logical or Physical in partial clear for ASO on the Planning and Calculation Manager



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