Hyperion Planning Error When Accessing Calc Manager: ‘calcmgr.filterview is not configured’

When attempting to access Calculation Manager from Workspace the following errors occur:

1. Invalid or could not find module configuration.

2. Required application module calcmgr.filterview is not configured.

3. Namespace Communication Error

URI: http://hyptest:19000/calcmgr/conf/CalcMgrConfig.xml

Weblogic Bridge Message
Failure of server APACHE bridge
No backend server available for connection: timed out after 10 seconds or idempotent set to OFF

All other modules, e.g. Application Library can be accessed without error.
The Calc Manager services appears to be running.

To fix this follow steps-

Reduce the number of rules that need to be loaded into memory, by deleting any unused rules via Calc Manager.

1. Stop the Calc Manager service.

2. Take a backup of the Calc Manager database.

3. In order to access Calc Manager, disable the pre-loading of the cache by editing the following file under the Calculation Manager web application deployment:


adding the following entry:

4. Startup the Calc Manager service.

5. It should now be possible to access Calculation Manager. Review the existing rules. If there are any applications that are not currently being used, delete all of the rules for that application.

6. Once the number of rules has been considerably reduced, the PRELOAD_CACHE property should be removed from the CalcMgrConfig.properties file.



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