EPMA – Interrupted Application Deployment

Friends this issue occur to me many times and really Wiered  to see this happening so thought of adding the post for all.

Sometimes when you deploy an application, the deployment gets interrupted. When this happens, your application will basically be non-responsive. However, there is a way to resolve the issue right in Workspace in

Step 1: Identifying the issue

For this post, I decided to purposefully interrupt an application deployment. Of course, you should never do this ever, ever, ever. The repercussions are unspeakable. So I’ve done it for you so you can learn how to fix it.
After interrupting the deployment, I went back into the application library to my app AEPMASO. Here is what you see when this happens.
As you can see in the properties section the status of my application is Deployment Pending. This is bad because if you try to redeploy your app, it’s not possible. And you don’t have the default 480 minutes to wait for the deployment timeout.

Step 2: Run application diagnostics

But what you can do is run Diagnostics to fix the issue. This is available in the application’s right-click menu. Once you get to the Application Diagnostics interface, choose Select All to run all the listed tests. They run fairly quickly, and you should see that Deploy pending is listed as Failed. Click on that particular test to bring up the Test Details on the right.

Now you have the option to update the state of the application to not deployed. Of course, you can also set it as deployed, but if it hasn’t, you shouldn’t do that. Select the first option and click Apply. Then confirm that you want to update your application in the Warning popup.
In our case select only “Incomplete pending deployment” option and click apply.
Note- Please have a epma schema backup and Planning or HFM schema backup before proceeding forther.
The tests should automatically run again and now you should get an overall status of Completed Successfully if that was your only problem.

Step 3: Deploy your application

Now when you go back to the application library you should see the new status for your application.
If you right-click your application, the option to deploy will now be available.
That’s how you can release your application from Deployment Pending.

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