Does FDMEE adaptors available for Hyperion strategic finance

In FDM G4-F driver was available to load data from Essbase/Planning to HSF rather than HSF Batch & Map.
Since FDMEE users can’t see any reference to HSF as a valid target.
Is there any ODI target / driver for HSF? No Currently thats supported in FDM classic and not in FDMEE.

Below are valid EPM target applications for FDMEE.

Supported EPM target applications (Oracle Hyperion EPM Architect and Classic) are:

– Planning
– The Planning module, Oracle Hyperion Public Sector Planning and Budgeting
– Financial Management
– Essbase aggregate storage and Essbase block storage—If Essbase has been deployed in
standalone mode, it must be registered with Shared Services since it does not work directly
with FDMEE. Planning applications that rely on the standalone Essbase application cannot
work directly with FDMEE either.

– Account Reconciliation Manager (ARM)

=>The HSF adapter is only supported at the moment for FDM. You can use FDM in and the HSF adapter to load HSF.

The HSF adapter is on the road map for FDMEE for a release after


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