Essbase Partition – Display MaxL Code

When we are creating a partition in Essbase Administration Services (EAS) Console how can we have a look to MaxL Code.

. From the EAS Console, click on Tools -> Console Options -> Essbase and check Show MaxL statements in the message panel.

2. Create your partition in the partition manager, and save the partition. The MaxL statements will appear in the message panel. Use these statements to create your partition with MaxL as a batch job if desired.

Just for Information if you want to create a Partition using MaxL below is the sample code.

login ‘admin’ ‘password’ on ‘localhost’;

create replicated partition ‘Sample’.’Basic’
area ‘”100-10″,@IDESCENDANTS(“Product”),”Actual”‘ sourcearea1
to ‘Sample_1’.’Basic_1′ at ‘PLN11x’ as ‘admin’ identified by ‘password’
area ‘”100-10″,@IDESCENDANTS(“Product”),”Actual”‘ targetarea1
outline direct
update allow;




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