Essbase – Partitions Appear Only As Orphaned Partitions After Upgrading

A newly created partition in Essbase Administration Services (EAS) Console shows up as an Orphaned Partition after upgrading to Essbase v9.3.3 or Essbase v11.1.x or any other version.

Possible cause is When a port number is not specified, code is modified to internally add essbase default port “1423” for handling partitions. This has been verified as unpublished Bug 10178179 –  “Partitions are orphaned or repaired if port is not included in the server name”.

As a workaround, in the EAS Console:

1. Drop the created partition.
2. Right Click on Servers Node.
3. Select “Add Essbase Server”.
4. Add Essbase Server Name including Essbase Port Number, e.g. EssbaseServerName:1423
5. Create the partition and use the hostname as created in Step 3 for source and target hostnames in the partition manager.

Essbase Server Name used can be either short or fully qualified domain name.


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