Essbase – Unable to Delete or Update a Partition

Unable to delete or update a partition using either the Essbase Administration Services Console or MaxL.

Getting error: “1241128: Partition does not exist

This happens with either BSO or ASO partitions.

The issue occurs when using EAS and higher

This is expected behaviour from EAS

Version EAS and later now require the port number when connecting to the Essbase server and creating partitions.

By default, if you are running Essbase on the default port (1423), the port number is not added to the Essbase Server name when you add the server in the EAS console.

In version and upwards you must now also specify the port number as well as the Essbase Server name when adding the server to the EAS Console.

To resolve the issue:
1. Open the EAS Console
2. Right click on Essbase Servers and select ‘Add Essbase Server’
3. Add the Essbase Server in the format: ServerName:PortNumber (for example Localhost:1423)
4. Test to make sure you can connect and can see your applications.
5. Once added you may remove the old Essbase Server by right clicking on it and selecting ‘Remove Essbase Server’

You should now be able to update and delete your partitions.


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