MaxL- Create and Add External Directory Users to the Native Groups

Trying to add a number of users from the external directory to the native groups using MaxL.

alter user ‘UserName’ add to group Group_Name;

But the MaxL statement does not recognize the external directory user id as the user still does not have an entry in essbase.sec. This can be achieved by provisioning “Server Access” Role in Shared services. But our requirement is to use maxl to automate this task without using shared services console or CSS API.

How can we make essbase aware of this user id so that we can use MaxL to add the user to different native groups?

By using create user type external, the user id would get added to essbase security file essbase.sec. Then the alter user would recognize the user id so that they can be added to the native groups.

create or replace user ‘essuser@LDAPNAME’ type external;
alter user ‘essuser@LDAPNAME’ add to group essgroup;



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