OBIA 11g: Oracle BI Applications to Upgrade Guide

To upgrade BI Applications PB6 to version You have to upgrade the following components, repositories (schema and content) and data:

  1. Platform components
  2. BI Applications binaries
  3. BI Applications Component Repository (BIACOMP)
  4. JAZN, RPD and Presentation Catalog
  5. ODI Repository content (BIA_ODIREPO)
  6. Business Analytics Warehouse (DW) – schema
  7. Data Migration of existing data in the Business Analytics Warehouse


The sequence of the steps in the upgrade of BI Applications PB6 to is outlined below.

  1. Complete Upgrade Pre-requisites.
  2. Run the BI Applications installer to upgrade the BI Application binaries from version PB6 to
  3. Apply the FMW Middleware Patches for BI Applications
  4. Use the PSA tool to upgrade BIACOMP schema (ATGLite, FSM, BIACM and BIACM_IO component upgrades).
  5. Run script to upgrade deployment changes in BI Applications
  6. Use the BI Update Metadata Tool to upgrade the JAZN
  7. Upgrade the RPD and Presentation Catalog
  8. Apply Client-Side Patches.
  9. Upgrade the ODI Repository metadata (content).
  10. Upgrade Business Analytics Warehouse schema and Migrate Data in Data Warehouse

Instructions for each step of the upgrade process are provided in attached Upgrade Guide Document –¬†Oracle_BI_Applications_11_1_1_9_2_Upgrade_Guide



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