OBIA How do you Perform a Partial Full Load on OBIA

You will have to reset the refresh dates for the table you want to re-load. This will force ETL to perform a full load for all the listed and dependent tables, as it thinks no data has been loaded before.

This will reset the refresh dates for all the objects in the execution plan, and force a full load of them, BUT it will still force a full load of any other objects that are dependent on them, too.  So, if you have a conformed dimension used by multiple Analysis modules, which you refresh, then ALL the related facts will have full load performed on them.

To find out the list of tables impacted, you need to implement the following steps:

1. Find all the subject areas associated to the particular module in the execution plan. Go to ( Execute –> Execution Plans –> Subject Areas).
2. Once you know all the associated Subject areas, go to the particular container (design tab) from where the tasks of that module exists and query for those subject areas in the subject areas tab. (Design–>Subject Areas)
3. Query each Subject area and find all the associated tables in the ‘Extended tables(RO)’ Subtab. (Design–>Subject Areas–>Extended Tables)

This should give you a list of all fact tables, dimension tables and conformed dimension tables.


For details please go through the Oracle Document for reference.




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