How to Fix the Planning RMI Port to Permit Connection through Firewall

RMI connections to Planning are initiated on the common RMI Port (11333 by default) but are then redirected to a random port within a dynamic range. This can cause issues when the connection is made through a firewall, as the entire range of ports must be opened.

To avoid this, you can bind Planning to a particular port instead of the default dynamic port range.

  1. Confirm which common port RMI is using by checking the following file on the Planning server:


    In most cases this will be set to 11333.

  2. Log into any Planning application with an administrator user. Navigate to Administration > Manage Properties > System Properties. Click the “Add” button and add the following two rows (click “Add” again after you add the first row):

    Property Name:        Property Value:
    COMMON_RMI_PORT                 11333
    PLANNING_RMI_PORT               11444

    You can set any port you like for the PLANNING_RMI_PORT, as long as it is not in use. The COMMON_RMI_PORT must be the same as that determined in step 1.

  3. Click “Save” at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Restart the Planning and the RMIRegistry services.

Connections to Planning via RMI will now be made initially on port 11333 and traffic then redirected to port 11444. As long as these two ports are open in the firewall other products such as Hyperion Application Link (HAL), Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) or Data Integration Manager (DIM) should be able to connect.




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