HPCM: Trace Allocations Fails with Error:”Unexpected error in business logic”

Trace Allocations Fails and below error message is reported in HPCM.log:

“[2012-06-28T20:07:04.444+10:00] [Profitability0] [ERROR] [EPMPCM-04000] [oracle.EPMPCM.web] [tid: 16] [userId: ] [ecid: 0000JWmZiJQEcLY5Tr0Fyc1Fu^Xo0000xe,0] [SRC_CLASS: com.hyperion.profitability.common.logging.Logger] [APP: PROFITABILITY#] [SRC_METHOD: error] Unexpected error in business logic.[[
Unexpected error in business logic.
Caused by: javax.persistence.NonUniqueResultException: More than one result was returned from Query.getSingleResult()
at org.eclipse.persistence.internal.jpa.EJBQueryImpl.throwNonUniqueResultException(EJBQueryImpl.java:1250)

1.This issue is caused because more than one staging import was run for the same application and POV.
2. Duplicate dimension member groups are present in the database for that application

Ensure that a database dump of current state is taken before following either of these steps:

  • Clear all data in the POV which returns this error.
    Import the data using either LCM or Staging tables.


  • Make a duplicate of the application in EPMA,
    Deploy it to HPCM and start getting the artifacts into HPCM using either LCM or Staging tables.




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