HFR – Planning Text Type Data Is Shown As Numeric

Setting this value via the Shared Services Registry (rather than the MBeans console which is a GUI that displays this SS registry for FR, FRConfig.bat/sh).
Follow these instructions:
Back when the MBeans console wasn’t as reliable, we sometimes had to set the values directly using the Shared Services console. You can try manually defining the name value pair to the registry.

1. Log into SS Console
2. Expand Application Groups->Foundation->Deployment Metadata
3. Expand Shared Services Registry->Financial Reporting
4. Right-click on Properties and select “Export for Edit”
5. Edit the exported file to add the name/value pair on a separate line at the bottom of the file (using a word pad would be OK). In this case, it would probably be something like: CacheADMConnectionBasedOnSession=true
6. Import the edited file back following steps 1-4; but select the “import’ option in step 4.
7. Restart the FR Web App

Note-Keep a backup copy of the original exported file in case you need to reset things or run into a problem editing the file.
Note: Windows Notepad does not handle the UNIX CR/LF characters in the exported properties files well. You will probably want to use a better text editor like Notepad++ if it’s available. Wordpad will probably also work.



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