How to Import DAC Repository under different DAC versions

Having installed DAC 11g the requirement now is to import a different version of metadata (i.e. from DAC 10g), but that’s not allowed and will not be allowed in the near future either. Usual error message in that case generated is:


The version of the data that you are trying to import is incompatible with the current DAC version. Can’t import data

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Use old 10g installation if you have it or install a new if it’s gone
  2. Create brand new DAC repository
  3. Import 10g metadata
  4. Connect to this new repository with 11g client and go ahead with suggested upgrade
  5. After that either: a Keep using newly upgraded repository b. Export metadata from new repository using 11g client and imported using the same client into the initial 11g repository

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